Monmouth Scientific

Established in 2004, Monmouth Scientific Limited is a family owned Company and pride on commitment and dedication to customers. This dedication has seen work with some of the UK’s leading private and Government organisations such as the MoD, NHS, AWE, Mercedes F1, BAE Systems and Honeywell to name but a handful. In addition to own products, also work very closely with a select group of Specialised Laboratory Equipment suppliers and handle the sales and support of products in the UK and Ireland on an exclusive basis. Monmouth Scientific Limited are proud to be a registered ISO9001:2008 company for Sales, Installation, Service, Support, and Distribution of Medical and Laboratory Equipment.


Fume Cupboards:
Filtration Fume Cupboards(Non-Ducted Fume, Formalin Dispensing Workstation, Compact Chemical Storage Cabinet, Mobile Fume Cupboard, Downflow Workstation, Formalin Storage Cabinet) , Ducted Fume Cupboards
Fume Containment:
Localised Extraction , Formalin and Chemical Handling , Extraction Arms , Glove Boxes , Downflow Benches
Laminar Flow Cabinets:
Vertical Laminar Flow , Horizontal Laminar Flow , PCR Cabinets
Biological Safety Cabinet:
Laboratory Equipment:
Ultrasonic Baths(Cleaning Agents, Industrial, Digitec Flat, Cooling Bath, Pipette Washer, Implants) , Ultrasonic Homogenizers , Overhead Stirrers


Biological Safety Cabinet

Fume Cabinets

Laminar Flow Cabinet

Downflow Bench

Safety Cabinet